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Poppy Seed Hamantaschen Scones

23 Feb PoppySconesFeature

Hubby and I are venturing down to DC today – and are lucky to spend some time with good friends (who happen to enjoy whirling Purim groggers as much as I do). As I ride the train down the NE Amtrak corridor, I’m reminded just how much I love the east coast and its cities. It’s a gorgeous foggy day and no matter which town and city we go through, the density is awesomely beautiful.  I’m eagerly awaiting the New York skyline and the Philadelphia rowhouses.

So these aren’t technically Hamantaschen, but they are reminiscent of my favorite purim cookies, both in shape and taste.  These scones evolved from the realization that I had way too much filling – and the knowledge that poppy seeds aren’t cheap!

Although they were born of circumstance, they are a delightful addition to my Purim celebrations.  I wouldn’t dare suggest giving up on traditional Hamantaschen, but these scones are certainly worth trying. (Have I mentioned that I love scones before?) Perhaps there are some apricot Hamantaschen scones in my future…

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A Duo of Scones

17 Jan

When Hubby and I are with our friends for the weekend, we have a tradition of going on Saturday “rounds.”  We visit a local bookshop, fun stores, and a coffee shop or two. For me, this often includes splurging on a scone.

Scones are my weakness; there is literally nothing that breaks me faster. Whenever I explore a new bakery, I can’t help but try one of their scones.  A perfect scone should be flaky, NOT DRY, and have a hint of sweet – and it should certainly not be muffin like.

Some of my favorites include the apricot scone from Bittersweet in Chicago, the buttermilk currant scone from Tartine in San Francisco, and the ginger scone from Atticus in New Haven. Not to mention the smattering of scones in England and Ireland that I’ve had the fortune of trying. My love of scones, combined with my love of Downton Abbey, make me think I should bring tea time over the pond. (Though scones might be why giving up gluten for 3 months made me lose weight…. Oh well – there is nothing wrong with an occasional splurge. Or with re-watching all three seasons of one of the best shows ever.)

Here are two versions of buttermilk scones, adapted from the Tartine cookbook.


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