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Thin Mints Cupcakes

14 Mar ThinMintCupcakeFeatured

I am (slightly) embarrassed to say it, but I spend a lot of time on my iPhone these days.  When I need to fill a few minutes, I often turn to it for a source of entertainment. My go to distractions: word games, Instagram, and Pinterest. Pinterest is completely addicting. I am constantly seeing delicious things that I must make soon.  Sadly, I too rarely get around to making them, though my pins do serve as wonderful inspiration.

Since I mostly follow fellow food lovers, my stream of pins is filled with gorgeous dishes; lately everyone seems to be pinning minty chocolate things like crazy (especially this great blogger).  Since minty chocolate things are the bees knees (and one of the only ways I like chocolate), and I had been looking for some more green things to make for St. Patty’s day, the Thin Mints Cupcake was born (and made gluten free, just because I like a challenge).


Whoever suggested too much of a good thing is bad, hasn’t tried these cupcakes.  They take everything that is wonderful about a thin mint – and double it. If you too are looking for something green for this weekend, try out these cupcakes!


I promise these don’t taste “gluten free” but if making the cookies from scratch isn’t your thing, just sub in regular Thin Mints and 3/4 cup APF for the GF flours in the cake. Also don’t be afraid to split the project up – you can even take three days to make them (cookies one day, cakes the next, frosting the day you are serving)!

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Poppy Seed Hamantaschen

22 Feb hamantaschenFeature

Purim is one of my favorite holidays, and not just because you are supposed to party.  It also gives me an excuse to bake (and eat) some delicious cookies.

Hamantaschen are a traditional part of Purim – and poppy seed is the best (and perhaps most traditional) flavor. There are a variety of theories about the origin and symbolism of these cookies, but my favorite is that they are shaped like the triangular hat worn by the villain in the book of Esther.

Whatever their origin, they are delicious.  I’ve made countless batches over the years, but this recipe is my crowning achievement – I finally nailed the perfect cake consistency with a light citrus flavor.  Though I rarely bake with Crisco, it turns out to be critical.  The filling is incredible as well – the almond flour brings out the nutty flavor of the poppy seeds and helps thicken the consistency.

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Coconut & Pecan Breakfast Cookies

12 Jan IMG_1358

An on-the-go breakfast is often a necessity; I didn’t leave enough time after my workout, I woke up late, I stayed up past my “bedtime”, etc.  I’m sure I’m not the only one.  On these occasions, I all to often turn to my friend, the Kind Bar.  And although they are delicious and not filled with processed junk, I didn’t make them myself.

Here’s a make-ahead breakfast for those rushed days – an easy grab on the way out the door.   Filled with pecans, coconut, fruit, and oats and sweetened with only bananas and a touch of agave, these “cookies” hit the spot (though some might argue if you try calling them dessert).

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