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Chia Seed Muffins à la Pain Quotidien

7 Mar IMG_2242

I could wax rhapsodic about the nutritional wonder of chia seeds, but I won’t bore you again. Bottom line is I dig them.


These little beauties are inspired by the chia seed muffins at Le Pain Quotidien. Theirs are freaking delicious and I can barely stop myself from getting one every time I pass a store while walking around NYC.  Armed with the basic ingredients, I tinkered around until I found a recipe I could make at home, saving money and satisfying my cravings while in the far dinkier city of New Haven.

The result was awesome and I’m pretty positive they are healthier than their counterpart; I limited the fat by subbing in apple sauce and ended up making them gluten free.  I experimented both with a 50/50 wheat/white flour blend and this gluten free version.  Surprisingly, the gluten free muffins were far tastier and much closer to the ones I knew and loved.

They aren’t super pretty, but these muffins are definitely a “super” food.

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Vanilla and Orange Chia Seed Pudding

24 Feb Closeup

This is going to be a long one. If you aren’t interested in my craziness, skip to the bottom – this pudding is “the bomb.” Prep time is less than 5 minutes, though you do have to wait at least four hours to enjoy.

Besides liking things to be delicious, I make a concerted effort to also make them nutritious.  I’d like to say that it’s because I’m a health conscious vegetarian, which is partly true.  The real reason I try and make food nutritious is that I am totally neurotic.  There are billions of chemicals out there that are being put into food and body products and they all can cause cancer.

Ok. I know I’m being a little dramatic, but isn’t it just a little terrifying?

My dear friend, Steve, who is a financial blogger, has a similar relationship to the things he puts on and in his body.  If you have ever had the opportunity to read his blog, then you may have discovered his ability to use words.  Let’s just say we’ve had many wordy conversations surrounding such topics as Omega-3s, sunscreen, kale, shampoo, etc.

Today’s post centers around the important topic of Omega-3 fatty acids (ok, took me long enough).  According to our long conversations, which I am sure are COMPLETELY backed up by facts, humans should have a ratio of at least 4:1 Omega 3 to Omega 6, a ratio which is more than reversed in the standard american diet (some sources say up to 1:30).  Having the proper ratio can help prevent all kinds of scary diseases (heart problems!) and other annoying issues (dandruff).

Omega 3s are commonly found in fish, but there are two easy vegetarian sources – flax seeds and chia seeds.  Thanks to Steve, I became a big believer in adding flax where ever possible.  Then my big sis, Jeanne, introduced me to chia seeds (you can read all about their virtues on her her blog, Brûléed). It didn’t take long for these to become a regular part of my day – they are even easier to use than flax!

I borrowed this picture from my sister at Bruleed - you must check out her post on chia seeds

Ok, enough already.  This chia-seed pudding is absolutely delicious.  The subtle orange and vanilla flavors meld perfectly and are refreshing and light.  This could easily be enjoyed as dessert or snack, but I ate it all this week with breakfast.


1 1/4 cup almond milk

1 1/2 tablespoons agave nectar

1/4 cup chia seeds

orange zest

1/2 tsp vanilla extract


In a quart sized jar, mix the almond milk, agave, and vanilla.  Shake to combine.  Add the chia seeds and orange zest and shake again to combine.  Refrigerate for at least 4 hours and even better overnight, shaking occasionally.  Break up any chia seed clusters with a spoon and shake again.

Serve and enjoy!

About 4 servings – refrigerate up to 3 days.

Recipe inspired by the chia seed pudding recipe in the March issue of Food and Wine (page 30)